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Rodolfo’s Fun Sailing Adventures Depart All Day from the Sonoran Sea Resort Condominiums

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DSC07924 Until you’ve sailed, you might wonder about the free spirit that radiates from every sailor you ever met. But once you’ve been out there on the water, it becomes aqua clear that the fresh briny breeze coursing across the sea creates and fuels that special spirit in the sailor. That combination usually makes for a great sailing experience no matter the size of the craft.

Sailing with Rodolfo Valdez, a sailor’s sailor, is about the most fun you can have on Sandy Beach with your bathing suit on!  Rodolfo is a highly skilled wind jockey who has made a living off the breezes and gales and rolling waves across the Sea of Cortez for 42 years. He’s a four-time free-style champion in his 16 foot Hobie Cat and has loved the sea since he was a small boy, almost as much as he loves Lorena, his wife of 31 years.DSC07914

He learned about the winds before he was a teen growing up in Mazatlán.  He’s learned their moods, their quirks, their tricks; he reads them like a book and rides them like a cowboy on a multi-gated thoroughbred.

Rodolfo gets a lot of rides on breezy days like that, but the sea is mostly tranquil, lapping at the beach in ripples instead of waves, and Rodolfo can maximize breeze power—in any direction—like no one else.  That’s when the boomers and before get to have their fun in the brine and sun on board Rodolfo’s Hobie Cat that he treats like his castle. When he’s not out with passengers, you’ll find him on the beach in front of the Sonoran Sea Resort Condominium always wiping, polishing or tightening a rope on his prized “velero” (sailboat).

He likes to sail with two passengers, but will take up to four for $40 dollars an hour just about anywhere you want to go for that hour.

DSC07878-2 Rodolfo’s sense of humor comforts the adults and keeps the kids amused no matter what’s going on as his sailboat skips across the normally smooth Sea of Cortez.  His friendly smile is contagious and soon everyone is in on the adventure.

If you happen to be going out when the dolphins are frolicking near the beach, which is many, if not most, days—and Rodolfo always seems to know when and where they are—just let him know and he’ll make sure you have an up-close experience with one or more of the friendly creatures.DSC00239

So bring your camera—with this caution: if it is a point-and-shoot, just keep it in your pocket or waterproof bag until the opportunity for a great shot arises.  If you have a DSLR, bring a zip-lock bag to protect it from the sea spray between shots.

Rodolfo is puro Mexicano (pure Mexican) with a corazón (heart) about the size of Mazatlán—with only one exception: he doesn’t subscribe to the Mañana philosophy when it comes to respecting the limited time most visitors have when they partake of our piece of paradise by the sea.  He is always on time and ready to go when he tells you he will be.

That’s a trait most appreciated by the many folks who love to sail with Rodolfo every time they visit Rocky Point.


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