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New Farmers Market and Art Expo to be a Regular Event in Rocky Point

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Saturday December 17 marked the first Farmers Market and Art Expo in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico;  just two weeks after Mike McLaughlin came up with the idea to recreate here in Rocky Point a similar event to one that is held regularly in Tucson.

As a long time visitor who just recently relocated to Rocky Point, Mike quickly became aware of the lack in activities available to occupy the locals here. He got together with his friend, Ivan Alejandro Morales Cano and within days they had scouted, selected and confirmed an excellent location in the plaza behind Don Julio’s off Fremont Street. Many positive comments were made about the location and especially about the lack of dust because of the brick pavers covering the exhibit area surface. 

Even for the first Expo, and with such a short window of notification, the word spread quickly through the artist community, quickly enough that 33 of the 38 spaces available were taken by local artists and crafts persons to display their treasures for the event.

Attendance, estimated at 300 to 400 was steady throughout the day showing the power of the word in our community. The number of participants and visitors was a good indicator that success will be in the future of this event, which Mike plans to hold on a regular basis.

In fact Mike has already scheduled the next two events for the first two Saturdays in January: January 7th and January 14th from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

DSC_0018-1 The location of Farmers Market and Art Expo is an important feature that will contribute to the future success of this event. Because it is located outside the rear entrance to Don Julio’s, food and beverages are available and the waiters are more than accommodating to visitors and exhibitors as they circulate around the exhibit area.

Another subtle, but equally important attribute to the atmosphere at the Market was an excellent outside speaker system that delivered live guitar music in high fidelity throughout the exhibit area. It really gave a special ambiance to the whole affair.


Puerto Peñasco is home to excellent and uniquely creative artists and craft persons, and many of the best among them chose to display the results of their talent at the Farmers Market and Art Expo. The photos in this article depict just a few of the interesting exhibits.

Considering the location, the atmosphere, the planned frequency of operation and the fact that initial participation by both exhibitors and visitors was so impressive for a first-time event, it is foreseeable that in the near future there could be a waiting list for the limited number of exhibit spaces (just 38) at $20.00 and $30.00 each.


DSC_0038-1 If you thought about exhibiting at the first Farmers Market and Art Expo but did not, you might want to give Mike or Ivan a call pretty soon to check availability for the next two scheduled events.  Reach Mike on his cell at 638-113-0428, or Ivan: 638-116-1203. Mike can be reached by email at; and Ivan’s email is


If you missed visiting the first Farmers Market and Art Expo, mark the Saturdays of January 7th and January 14th to experience the rather charming atmosphere and reasonably priced, well made arts and crafts offered by the exhibitors.







This blog is brought to you by Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales.

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  1. Eduardo says:

    another excellent event for people to visit and enjoy!!!

  2. scott says:

    These activities are just what Penasco needs…looking forward to the next Farmer’s Market!

  3. Mexicoruss says:

    Wonderful event and the best is yet to come!

  4. cathycaz says:

    Once a month would be great!

  5. Johnsoldit says:

    i like the idea…me gusta la idea….. espor estar por el evento pronto

  6. C. Rose, photographer says:

    How has the market developed? I will be visiting Puerto Peñasco a week in April (2012). Will there be a farmer/art market between 4/18 and 4/25? We are regular visitors, know the town and think this is just the event that will give the area a much-needed ‘shot in the arm’.