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Home of the Brave Concerts Bringing Quality Music Events to Rocky Point

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One of the signs that Puerto Peñasco is maturing as a tourism destination is the number of talented musicians, bands and other entertainers more than willing to perform here.eagle logo2 (2)

A lot of preparation is required for such talent, especially good bands, like Steve McCarty and the Hit Men All Stars, Roger Clyne and the Peace Makers, or the Alan Munro Band.  That’s why a company like Home of the Brave Concerts is so important to a community like Rocky Point.  We needed a company willing to take the risk of putting up the money for staging like lights and sound—professional lights and sound mixing to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for the audience as well as the bands.

Enter Home of the Brave Concerts, a U.S. company that was formed and is managed by Grupo Majestic International from right here in Rocky Point, one of Larry Large’s companies headed up by CFO Charlie Muratore who has been with GMI for seven years. Larry, most well known and highly respected locally for his charity foundation, saw the need for a catalyst organization to insure the continued growth of live, quality entertainment coming to our beach side community.  DSC_0092-2

Home of the Brave Concerts (HOTBC) first started handling Roger Clyne and the Peace Makers famous “Circus Mexicus” summer concerts about three years ago, then expanded to manage the entertainment for the first annual Peñasco Palooza 2011 last October.  Both events took place on a huge stage next to Chango’s Bar and Grill, on the entrance road to the Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resorts at Sandy Beach. They boasted concert quality synchronized lighting and a sound mix as great as you could find at any concert. For Peñasco Palooza HOTBC brought two additional bands, RoJo who play at Chango’s three nights a week, and another local favorite, Riband.DSC_0052-1

HOTBC also participated in the sponsorship and promotion of local events through two of their hottest products, Tequila Peñasco and Del Bravo Tequila. They arranged for the online ticket sales outlet through their website as well.  Without this level of organization these events could not have the success they’ve enjoyed here, and we certainly couldn’t count on the future growth that HOTBC have planned.

Just some of the upcoming events you can look forward to from Home of the Brave Concerts include:

Saturday February 25th: The Alan Munro Band will appear at Chango’s Bar and Grill located on the entrance road to the Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resorts. You really need to hear this popular recording star from Mexico.  The event is sponsored by Del Bravo Tequila.

Saturday March 17th: The second gala Peñasco Palooza 2012, this year called the St. Patricia’s Peñasco Palooza Spring 2012. Even bigger than last year, this gala event will again headline the thrilling rock and roll of Steve McCarty and the Hit Men All Stars, the group of seven former members of some of the most famous and legendary rock and roll bands in history, and who stunned the crowd last year with many of the songs for which they held platinum records for writing or recording. Together they exceeded what you would expect from the likes of Steve McCarty of The Steve Miller Band fame, Curly Smith, drummer and lead vocals formerly with Boston, Gary Moon formerly with Three Dog Night and Night Ranger, Jimmy Crespo, lead guitarist most famous for his four years with Aerosmith, Terry Anderson formerly with Tower of Power, David Lewark of Eddie Money fame and Leon Bisquera, famous keyboardist for Chaka Khan and Anita Baker.

The caliber of these brilliant artists was obvious as they rocked the audience with the songs that made them famous and left everyone in attendance with a lifetime of memories.  And you can expect them to do it again this year! This is a mesmerizing musical adventure that you do not want to miss. Make plans to come to Rocky Point for the weekend of March 17th and visit for information about tickets and accommodations, and a special message from Steve McCarty. This event is sponsored by Tequila Peñasco, Zilch Sugar Free Mixers, Chango’s Bar and Grill, Rocky Point Reservations, Tequila Factory, and Tecate Beer.

DSC_0029-12 For some special insight into these great artists, stay tuned to this, the Sonoran Resorts blog for a special seven week series of articles covering the lives and times of each of the legendary band members mentioned above beginning Wednesday January 25th and continuing each Wednesday through the 7th of March.

In addition to the All Stars, the Palooza will have The Alan Munro Band, famous in Mexico for several big hits, RoJo and Riband will also perform again this year, back by popular demand.

Another great thing about this concert is, like last year, a portion of the proceeds from Sta. Patricia’s Peñasco Palooza Spring 2012 Concert will be donated to several local charities!

As if Saturday night, the 17th of March was not enough great entertainment, hang on to your tequila, pilgrims, because on Sunday March 18th:  HOTBC will bring you the Battle of the DJ’s, an all day affair from noon til midnight featuring the very best DJ’s from the U.S. and the state of Sonora in Mexico. This promises to be a bash of all bashes and will be held on the same Palooza stage across from Chango’s Bar and Grill at the entrance to the Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resorts on Sandy Beach.

Also appearing on the same Palooza stage on June the 9th, will be the annual Roger Clyne and the Peace Makers “Circus Mexicus” Concert presented by Home of the Brave Concerts for the fourth consecutive year.  If you’ve not attended a Roger Clyne concert yet, join the audience with his several thousand loyal fans that travel to Rocky Point every year, and you’ll become one of his fans too!  Details on the June concert will be forthcoming on the Home of the Brave website.

We can all be thankful for a group like Home of the Brave Concerts, and the far sighted individuals like Larry Large and Charlie Muratore who will continue to bring quality music to our town. Let’s support their efforts!

This blog is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales

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1 Comment

  1. Deltadawnr says:

    Last years “Rocky Point”Pallooza was a blast… The Band was sooo good! We are definitely going in March