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Accomplishments of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro Have Been Exceptional and Historic for Puerto Peñasco

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What our Mayor has accomplished during his time as President of Puerto Peñasco could say a lot for extending the limited two year term of this position. At least, it could substantiate allowing reelection of the great ones for another two years; great ones like Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro.DSC_0006-1

This Mayor has utilized his contacts, both regional and national, to develop further relationships that have helped to garner funds from a variety of creative sources including the federal and state governments, all of which have been utilized for the betterment of Puerto Peñasco.

Under his watch, the Mayor has secured and invested an historical amount of $400 million pesos in infrastructure such as upgraded sewer coverage from 40% to 90% of the city’s needs, and for remodeling 75% of the city’s parks, including construction of a new baseball stadium which fit his plan to launch the promotion of regional professional baseball and other sports. Funds were used to purchase beach cleaning equipment which have improved the beaches for tourism; new docks have been built for the small craft fishermen (pangas) and remodeling of the Malecon and Old Port area is almost complete.  He has made great strides in paving streets and boulevards throughout the city, and is still expanding and ongoing.DSC_0008-2

We also now have one of the best equipped and trained Police forces for its size in the state, thanks to Mayor Zepeda Munro. When he came into office there were 4 police cars. Now there are 40 vehicles, plus a fleet of motorcycles, all being operated by well-trained officers with new uniforms and personal protective equipment who have received special schooling in handling tourism situations.

He launched the project to build a modern high-tech sanitary landfill, and politically, our Mayor was a major influence in resolving the controversial shrimp fishing problems in the northern Sea of Cortez.

Separately, and arguably the most important to anyone vested in the future of tourism in Puerto Peñasco,  Mayor Zepeda Munro made another historical first by securing $160 million pesos to build a modern convention center which is already under construction using the first phase of $60 million in funding.1 3 4

He wisely sought the advice of professional convention consultants and actually changed the original location of the complex to a site closer to the resort area within the Sandy Beach Resorts Master Plan. The site includes future retail shopping and other amenities. The land parcel was donated by SBR to expedite the beginning of construction.SBR Master Plan 001

The Mayor believes that a convention center capable of handling large national and international conventions and meetings of up to 3,000 people will attract industries such as medical, industrial, religious, educational, arts and others. The dual objective is to establish Puerto Peñasco as the Expo Center for Northwestern Mexico with major trade shows that will bring exhibitors from throughout Mexico and buyers from north of the border.

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro would certainly be a favored candidate if running for a second term were allowed.

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  1. Jim says:

    Too bad about term limits. This guy looks like he has his head on straight!

  2. Joe says:

    I feel term limits are needed for all polical positions, but I believe two terms is better than one.  The US is currently suffering from an over abundance of professional politicians because we do not have term limits.  Term limits would go along ways towards correcting USA’s political situation.