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Tequila Fest Gave Us a Taste of Real Mexican Culture

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We have a lot of events in Puerto Peñasco, most are colorful and fun.  But there are several that seem to project the true culture of this great and historic country and people more than others.

542561_10150970453123363_1606984579_n This year’s Tequila Fest was one of those.  Maybe it was the location, maybe it was the way they laid it out, maybe it was the décor, and most likely it was the traditional folkloric performances by the dancers, singers and musicians that continued through the night showering the attendees, including many ex-patriots with color and sounds of the “real” Mexico we all came here to experience. DSC_0164

This event was a long time coming since the first one four years ago that didn’t work out so well for the tequila companies who had displays and 577585_10150970435488363_1609297251_n gave away samples of their tequilas.  The idea was kept in front of the business community for the last four years by our local resident, Bill Barvitski, until CANIRAC, the local association of restaurants lead by Martín Martínez, took the bull by the horns, so to speak.

By certain perspectives the event this year was a success, and by all perspectives it showed a lot of promise to become an annual event that will grow exponentially.  From listening to those in attendance, it seemed most were impressed—if not blown away—by the quality of entertainment lined up for the night.

DSC_0206 The folkloric dancers in their colorful costumes were superbly skilled. And the mariachi music, as confirmed by numerous comments amongst the audience from the VIP tables, represented the best that most had seen in our beach town.  The Mariachi Estrella de Plata from Hermosillo and Rafael Jorge Negrete with his mariachi from Acatitlán, Jalisco both brought resounding applause from all around the venue. 250693_10150970403978363_1678876455_n

Speaking of venue, the location selected for this year’s Tequila Fest was held on the side of Whale Hill that faces Benito Juarez which was also where the “Stations of the Cross” Easter procession concluded this year.  Since the procession, they graded the area in front of the steep vertical rock cliff and made it into a natural amphitheatre which the organizers took full creative advantage of with stunning colored flood lighting that made for a striking background to the raised and lighted stage on which DSC_0215 the performances flowed like the tequila continuously until late in the evening. 545432_10150970430828363_896530881_n

The three major tequila sponsors were all tequilas founded in Puerto Peñasco: Manny’s Beach Club (Manny Sanchez), Tequila Peñasco (Larry Large) and Mexican Moonshine (Roger Clyne). All three tequilas can be found at The Tequila Factory. They had a large display at the Festival as well.

The Tequila Fest was a night of color, culture, folklore, traditional music and relaxed fun for everyone in attendance.  It will be even better next year, so look for the dates and make plans to be there for that taste of Mexico that drives you back—or drove you to call our little paradise your home!

This blog is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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1 Comment

  1. Great Article,  events like this can only continue happening with your generous support and  working together  as one community,  muchas gracias!  martin martinez