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Sonoran Spa Resident is Award Winning Photographer

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Born and raised in the historic Arizona border town of Douglas, Tony Ballesteros began his interest in photography in Douglas High School while taking printing class and serving as the school printer of the weekly Douglas High newspaper. Not satisfied with the photos being taken for the paper, rather than complain, the determined young Tony found a Brownie and started taking the photos himself with amazing success that began his life-long love and career in photography. Since the first digital cameras, Tony has surged with the technology, now on his third Sony, the latest 24.3 megapixel SLR 650A that can fire 10 frames a second through a powerful telephoto zoom lens that makes most admirers astoundingly ask, “How’d he get that shot?”

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Facts about the Sonoran Desert that Might Surprise You!

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The Sonoran Desert takes up over 100,000 square miles and covers parts of two states and two countries: the southern parts of Arizona and California in the United States and large parts of the states of Sonora, Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur in Mexico. You’ve probably read that the Sonoran Desert is one of the most wildly diverse deserts in the world, but it is also one of the most ecologically balanced deserts in the world.

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First Generation Grecian Offers Authentic Greek Gyros and Baklava in Rocky Point

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In Chicago, Louie met Kim; they married and moved to the Phoenix area in 1977. An avid fisherman, Louie discovered Rocky Point in the early 80’s, bought a house and a boat and he and Kim came down several times a year to fish and enjoy the beach and peaceful lifestyle of Rocky Point until moving here permanently at the first of this year with plans to open an authentic Gyro restaurant.

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15 Interesting Seabird Facts

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15 Interesting Seabird Facts. The terms Seabirds, Shorebirds, and Waterbirds as definitions are quite ambiguous and used interchangeably depending on which resource from which one gathers information. Therefore, in this article we’ll use the term Seabird as the catchall word for the birds about which we supply these fun and interesting facts.

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