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Sonoran Spa Resident is Award Winning Photographer

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DSC_0018-2 Tony Born and raised in the historic Arizona border town of Douglas, Tony Ballesteros began his interest in photography in Douglas High School while taking printing class and serving as the school printer of the weekly Douglas High newspaper. Not satisfied with the photos being taken for the paper, rather than complain, the determined young Tony found a Brownie and started taking the photos himself with amazing success that began his life-long love and career in photography.

Tony joined the Navy in 1971 and took advantage of every relocation they chose for him to advance his skills as a photographer—from landscapes and people studies to bald eagles, crab boats, sea otters, whales…”and a lot of snow shots” in Alaska.

After the Navy, and 15 years as a Special Olympics coach, Tony returned to Douglas in 1992 and opened an antique store. This allowed him to actively buy, sell and collect cameras of all types as he continued to seriously advance his photography skills.

Tony discovered Puerto Peñasco in the mid-eighties and knew then where he was going to live when he retired.  He would travel to this quiet, pleasant little beach town every chance he got and camp on the beach.  In fact, his favorite camping spot on Sandy Beach was right where the Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea Resort Condominiums were built!  This was destiny to Tony and he purchased one of the first units sold at the Sonoran Spa and has lived here full time since 2005.

With his gregarious, fun personality and eclectic curiosity and interests, Tony has never met a stranger and has become a respected link with the workers, visitors, businesses and residents of this small community by the sea, all the while building his reputation as an accomplished photographer.  He’s come a long way from the Brownie he used in high school.

DSC00193[1] Since the first digital cameras, Tony has surged with the technology, now on his third Sony, the latest 24.3 megapixel SLR 650A that can fire 10 frames a second through a powerful telephoto zoom lens that makes most admirers astoundingly ask, “How’d he get that shot?”

In March of this year, Tony’s one of a kind photo entitled “Save the Dolphin” won the Sonoran Resorts “Why I Love Rocky Point” photo contest grand prize out of over 200 entries and over 7,000 votes.

You’ll find Tony’s photos hanging in the lobby of the Sonoran Spa and, along with his collection of rare corals and shells, available for purchase at most of the local craft and art shows at Tony’s “Timeless Treasures” exhibits.

Contact Tony Ballesteros by email at or by local cell phone at: 638-386-1576. 

This blog is brought to you by The Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales.

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  1. Ftbenter28 says:

    Congrats Brother, I always knew that you would become famous as a photographer! Great story about the life of a famous award-winning photographer…..Tony B. Ballesteros.

  2. Rjmikey3295 says:

    WOOHOO!!! Love my uncle!!!! <3 Love your pictures and you!!!

  3. Ulrikestraub says:

    Congratulations Tony!  Hope to see them someday! 

  4. Josueflores43 says:

     Felicidades Tony.. te lo mereces. Esperamos mirar mas de tu talento, tambien me gusta la fotografia pero no tengo el equipo…. bien hecho, exito.

  5. Silvia says:

    I am so proud of my “baby” brother.  

  6. Michelle says:

    I have personally been inside the resort in which Tonys art work is in, and i can firmly say that it is one of a kind. Very beautifull , Unique and makes the room shine. Very glad i got to see his creative artwork.
    Very proud of you Tony =)

  7. Maria Romero From Gila Bend says:

    To my good friend Tony , only the best in the world for you. Keep up your sincere love for life and your ability to capture its beauty.

  8. Strawburray says:

    I love all of your picture, especially the dolphin ones. Hope to see more soon Tony , Keep up the good work tony  you deserve the best.

  9. Maria Lopez-Harris says:

    Wow, Tony! Great News! Awesome! Congrats! 

  10. Yoli says:

    Es todo Tony Congratulations from Class of 1971 committee:  Yoli, Rowena, Carmen, Aida, and Carol “GO Bulldog”

  11. Susan says:

    Know one looks at the world like Tony does and it’s awesome to see him capture some of his world on camera.  Love you Baby Cakes!

  12. Frank T. Ballesteros says:

    Great comments on the  news story about the now world famous photographer that now calsl  home Rocky Point, The Sonoran Spa and Resort ………..Congrats brother.