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Puerto Peñasco Dreaming

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Have you ever dreamt you were a pelican on board

A net-shrouded shrimp boat, you, perched upon the mainstay

Gazing over the most blue blazing sea in the world

With all that sea’s delicacies just a dive away?







Have you ever dreamt you could fly on a path across the sky

With the weightless grace and fleeting pace

Of a fearless pelican in seemingly endless flight

Soaring far above the human race?





DSC_3474 Pelican taking flight



Have you ever dreamt you could take flight

Like a pelican from a sandy beach

The strength in your wings an awesome sight

Amazing us with your breadth and reach?








Haven’t you ever dreamt you could just take to flight?

Soar through the auburn heavens so far above

Staying aloft by wings of dreams through the night

As you gaze into the eyes of faith and love….

©jbhouchin 2012




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