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Potpourri Page—Short Shorts of All Sorts

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Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can’t address the many short subjects with proper attention in our blog. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page to appear on our blog site and in Jim’s monthly newsletter to cover those short subjects that deserve updates, follow-ups and reminders that keep you out of trouble, make you 46% smarter, and 11% more likely to lead the conversation in a social gathering. Read on… ‘Made In Puerto Peñasco’ Shell Art Shop Gets Space On Malecón Main Drag DSC_0063“We are so happy!” says Gina Avilés, “This is the dream location we’ve been waiting on for a long time.” Their little shop was located a couple of doors off the main street on Calle Ulloa next door to Viva Mexico Taquería. Look for their new location between the stairs that lead up to Linda Vista Restaurant on one side and Richard’s Fish Market on the other.. They’re open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; closed on Wednesdays. For more information you can call or email Gina or José at (U.S.) 602-618-8340; (MX) 638-380-8233; Email:   Adopt-A-Classroom Non-Profit Charity Reminds Us School and The Need for Supplies Begin in August DSC_0079 Since its founding in 2003 this non-profit has collected and distributed badly needed school supplies to tens of thousands of kids through 12 local schools here in Rocky Point. Beginning in August of each year, founders Barb and Mark Olszewski turn their attention and that of their friends and followers toward looking for pre-school sales on school supplies and share the information throughout their family-like network. This simple system has proven successful year after year. Just keep your eyes open for back-to-school sales and make a few purchases for the needy students of Rocky Point. It will be most helpful if you can email Barb with details about the sale you found so she can share it with other folks. Email her at or call their U.S. number: 602-324-9529 to arrange for her to pick up the supplies when you come down. You can also drop them off at any Sonoran Resort Sales office, the Lighthouse Restaurant, Giuseppi’s Coffee House or Rocky Point Times office. On behalf of the kids, thank you in advance! Roger Clyne’s Hang Out, Banditos, To Remain Open During Summer DSC07015Plans were to close for part of July and August to replace the landmark thatched roof of this recently reborn, renamed and redecorated Sandy Beach watering hole at the entrance to the Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea beachfront resort condominiums. Alas, an untimely delay in delivery of the replacement thatching has enabled this popular eatery and bar to stay open—a change of plans sure to bring cheers from the hundreds of [Roger Clyne and the] Peacemaker fans who create the high energy atmosphere, especially on weekends. Thatching for Banditos huge cone-shaped roof , as are most thatched roofs in Mexico, generally referred to as palapas, is made of dried palm leaves layered in a sustainable roofing technique that dates back to the Aztec hut dwellers of centuries past. This delay simply means you may continue to go forth, party, eat and make merry at Banditos while dancing or just listening to the phenomenal guitar sounds of Riband, arguably the best local musicians in our little slice of paradise by the sea!   Sea Turtle Chooses Sandy Beach To Lay Her Eggs Exhausted sea turtle returning to sea after depositing eggsOn the morning of July 3rd, many tourists walking Sandy Beach in search of shells, stones and other natural memories of our little slice of paradise by the sea got a very special bonus that few get to experience. The crowd began to grow as a sea turtle crawled from the sea, across the beach and began digging a hole a couple of feet deep into which she began laying her eggs. Afterward, she covered the eggs by filling the hole and made her way back into the sea. These alert and concerned tourists meanwhile had notified authorities who arrived quickly and cordoned off the area to protect the eggs. What a rare and exciting sight for these visitors! The location will be watched day and night until the eggs are hatched, which authorities estimate to be around August 25th, though they can’t narrow it down to a specific date, of course. At that time, the young turtles will begin digging their way out of the hole and will find their way to the water. Interesting to note that when these young ones become of reproductive age, they will find their way back to this same area to deposit their own eggs. Authorities estimate that 60 or more eggs are incubating at this time. They also hope the timing will be such that they can hold

a special celebration once the babies are safely in the sea. Stay tuned for updates! El Pollo Pápago Moves to New Location On Constitution Near CFE DSC09294   Back in March of 2013 we did a blog on Martín Victorica, owner of El Pollo Pápago, and shortly afterward realized just how popular this gregarious, smiling, English conversationalist is among the Americans who live and visit here. A while ago he moved his little chicken rotisserie operation off of Benito Juarez to small venue on Constitution Avenue between Sonora Ave. and León de Barra, just a block from the new CFE building. Looks like he’s added some new goodies to his menu as well. Give Martín a call at 638-385-1301 for more information or to order some take out of rotisserie chicken with his own special sauce based on an ancient Mayan recipe! He’ll be glad to see you!         This blog is powered by, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing

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