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Cyclists From Around Mexico and U.S. Compete In 5th Annual Club Pelícanos de Puerto Peñasco Road Race

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DSC07278Sunday October 6th topped off a weekend of great music and wacky one club golf with a fun and colorful, DSC07026 but serious bicycle race hosted by the Club Pelícanos of Puerto Peñasco for the fifth consecutive year. And when we say serious, how does peddling 36 miles along the varying grades of our new coastal highway sound? That’s what both age categories (under age 45 and the “Veterans” over age 45) of the men’s course entailed. The women had to complete a 24 mile course to qualify for one of the really cool Pelican trophies that were awarded for first through third place in all three categories.

DSC06976Departure was scheduled for 8:00AM from the Barclin Pemex/Circle K (the last DSC06989 stop on the Sonoyta Highway), but nearly a hundred entrants were gathered by 7:00 for an hour or so of preparation, double-checking and testing equipment and sharingDSC06955 what was obvious camaraderie among a genre of like-minded, totally fat-free fit folks out to test their skills and stamina against those of their peers doing what they love—pushing the bike and themselves to the limit from start to finish.

DSC07065The entire group departed at the same time in a flash of yellows, blues DSC07079 and reds from the sleek cycling uniforms donning logos and team colors from clubs that had come to race from DSC07095 Caborca, Nogales, Hermosillo, Baja California, even a handful from California.  A Puerto DSC07123 Peñasco police escort kept pace out front of the leaders and a caution DSC07129 vehicle flanked the rear.  A fire department ambulance was strategically placed along the route and the turnaround points were clearly marked for the women and men.  We dropped the top on “Goldie” the Sebring and worked around the groups of racers so DSC07136 friend and photographer Tony Ballesteros could do his photo thing and not have to hang out a window.  It was a perfect day for that, unless you were peddling away for 24 or 36DSC07168 miles!

This event was in celebration of the 5th DSC07221 anniversary since the founding of Club Pelícanos de Puerto Peñasco.  The main sponsor was Tequila Peñasco, whose Chief Financial Officer, Charlie Muratore is a founding member and this year’s event director.  And, by the way, an avidDSC07262 DSC07235 cyclist who placed second in the “Veterans” category of this race, crossing the finish line with a smile on his face that remained the rest of the morning.

Family, friends and aficionados gathered at the finish line to cheer and applaud every rider as they completed the grueling race; a race that brought a bunch of folks closer together as friends, athletes, hosts and visitors.  They seemed as happy for the winners as they would have been for themselves as winners. Now, that’s a show of sportsmanship!

The winners met with rousing cheers as they received their trophies:

DSC07307 Women’s Category

1st Place – Lidia Noregia

2nd Place – Rosario Isaias

3rd Place – Aracely Sotelo


DSC07332 Men’s Under Age 45:

1st Place – Armando Madrid

2nd Place – David Gandaria

3rd Place – Rafael Quintero Soto




DSC07315 Men’s “Veterans” Over 45:

1st Place – Nelesio Bajorquez

2nd Place – Charlie Muratore

3rd Place – Roberto Abril DSC07335







The host club also awarded handsome medals to those who place 4th through 13th in each category. What a great group of people, these cyclists, in spite of their perfect Body Mass Indexes! It was also another successful anniversary for Club Pelícanos de Puerto Peñasco.







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