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Alejandra…This Home is for You!

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13 year old María Alejandra has been carried almost constantly in the loving arms of her mother, Margarita (Maggie) Gama Núñez, DSC_0077 since the age of two. Alejandra was severely disabled as a result of infant vaccinations that went terribly wrong.  Since the tragedy, Maggie’s relentless dedication to providing the 24 hour care that Alejandra requires while pursuing every possible avenue of rehabilitation and medical treatment for herhas been nothing short of heroic.

Surviving on hope and faith that some form of medical innovation will improve the life of her daughter, Maggie has sought, and received assistance from DIF (the quasi-state government office of family assistance for needy and disabled citizens and families) for medications, rehabilitation and medical procedures for Alejandra.

Maggie’s strength and determination have earned respect and admiration from everyone who knows her, including recent recognition from the Puerto Peñasco 21st Town Hall Municipal Institute of Women as one of the 14 Outstanding Women of the community. The award was presented by Puerto Peñasco First Lady, Rafaela Félix de Figueroa during the International Women’s DSC_0073 Day activities in March. The First Lady also serves as the President and Director of DIF, and knows firsthand of the extraordinary perseverance exhibited by both Maggie and Alejandra.

The award was one event in March that made it a month of highs and tentative lows for this brave mother and daughter team, which included a pivotal period that surely tested the stamina of both when complications required Alejandra to enter an Hermosillo hospital for brain surgery and two weeks of observation and recovery.

After the operation, Maggie and Alejandra returned to abject poverty, sheltered in a makeshift shanty…and a surprise that would be the highest point in their lives thus far—thanks to the generosity of Families Helping Families (FHF) and the recommendation by First Lady Rafaela Félix de DSC_0087 Figueroa and Mayor Gerardo Figueroa, mother and daughter were taken to their brand new home, completely furnished and equipped.  There were at least 40 people on hand, most of whom had some part in making this life-changing dream a reality for these two deserving new tenants. Among those present were the Mayor of Caborca, Francisco Jimenez and his wife Leticia de Jimenez; active supporters of FHF, Rod and Diane Herbert; Ralph Pew, one of the original organizers and legal counsel of FHF; and local active supporter and business leader, Julio Valenzuela who presented Maggie with keys to the new home.

Held tightly and lovingly in her mother’s arms, Alejandra (her head still bandaged from brain surgery) was able to produce a smile by sensing her mother’s glee and speechless gratitude for what was taking place in their lives. Clearly overwhelmed and even though she admitted having trouble finding the words, her expression of gratitude shined brightly through her eyes, her smile, the DSC_0094 color in her cheeks which were reflected in Alejandra as well.

FHF has built and donated over 30 homes since coming together back in 2001 with a small group of families  taking their Christmas week to come to Rocky Point and build a house to be donated to a needy family.  We have written about them several times because of their miraculous ability to build and pay for these homes on a schedule that is hard to believe until one sees the photos, which we’ve published in previous blogs. (See:, and for more on the phenomenal feats of this organization.

DSC_0076FHF had donated two homes the week before, while Maggie and Alejandra were in Hermosillo for the brain surgery, and all returned specifically to present the keys to Maggie on this special Sunday in March.

Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta and his wife have supported Families Helping Families (FHF) since shortly after he took office. When they approached FHF about the possibility of donating a home to Maggie and Alejandra, FHF was very receptive to the suggestion and approved the application right away.

A quote from novelist Philip Roth best wraps this blog up: “It’s best to give while your hand is still warm.” 

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