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With Schools Beginning In August, Adopt-A-Classroom In Need of School Supplies for Kids

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DSC_0079-001 Schools in Mexico start up in August, and thus do the needs for school supplies by the nonprofit charity organization, Adopt-a-Classroom founded in 2003 by Rocky Point residents, Barb and Mark Olszewski.  Throughout every year they have acted as the central distribution point, including delivery, to 11 schools in Rocky Point and one in Port Lobos a little over 2 hours drive south, helping provide educational supplies to nearly 10,000 kids.

It’s a labor of love for this dedicated couple who do a lot more in the DSC_0051 community than just run their important Adopt-a-Classroom charity. Mark helps sponsor the Rolling Rockies Wheel Chair Basketball Team and has raised money, equipment and awareness of the team all over the state of Sonora and southern U.S. Mark and Barb also work with and have raised funds and collected clothing, toys DSC_0038 and equipment for the Montaña School of Special Needs Children, the Hope for New Life Community Center, the House of Hope for Children, the DIF Infantil de Amores for Orphans, the DIF Rehabilitation Center and many others.

Mark and Barb have a huge loyal following on Facebook of folks who appreciate their grass roots style of helping the needy in Rocky Point. If you aren’t familiar with this inspirational pair of good people, read more about them at

DSC_0041Now is the time of year to collect school supplies for the little ones in the dozen grade schools served by Adopt-a-Classroom DSC_0043 and Barb reminds us that Back to School supplies are on sale at most stores already, like Wal-Mart and Target as well as grocery and drug DSC_0062 stores.  Her goal this year is 3,000 spiral notebooks and 2,000 plus pencils in addition toDSC_0060 the other equipment that makes schools run, like pencil sharpeners, chalk, paint and paint brushes, coloring books, drawing paper, etc. If you live in Puerto Peñasco and would like to help, spiral notebooks and pencils are on sale at Bodega Aurrera.

DSC_0003If you’re planning a trip down to our little slice of paradise by the sea, why not pick up a few dollars worth of supplies when you go shopping and bring them with. You can leave them at any of the four Sonoran Resorts Sales Offices in the Spa, Sea, Sun or Sky. Or, just give Barb a call and she’ll gladly pick them up from wherever you’re staying. You can reach her as follows: Local home: 383-4963; Mexico Cell: 638-114-2406 (Remember: If you’re calling from a condo land line, you must dial 044 first when calling a cell phone); or call her before you leave the states on her Vonage number: 602-324-9529. And Barb has the coolest email address in town:

Won’t you help Adopt-a-Classroom ( help the kids? After all, it’s all about the kids, isn’t it?

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