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Why Use a Professional Mover To or From Mexico?

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In an interview with Geoff Henderson, owner of US Border Movers, we asked for some insider information that not too many consumers would know about. He was surprisingly free with his information and, in addition to giving some good reasons for using a professional mover, supplied us with advice on what to do even if you are moving belongings down to Mexico yourself. Under the category of “good advice” that you may not be aware of, Geoff, who has been moving people since 1991 and in business for himself for the last seven years, said that many people don’t know about the “One Time Visa” that is available from the Mexican Consulate. This Visa allows you to move a house full of furniture and belongings one time into Mexico for a onetime fee, regardless of the value of your belongings. Your furniture and belongings must have been purchased at least six months prior to your move. You can ask for this Visa by name at the Mexican Consulate office. Here’s what you’ll need to have the Visa authorized by the consulate:

  • Valid Passport
  • Your FM3
  • Proof of Ownership in Mexico
  • Proof of Ownership/address in U.S. with a Utility Bill, Mortgage, etc.
  • Itemized list of everything you are moving in detail (do not leave anything out)
  • The inventory list needs to be typed in Spanish. Go to for translation
  • You will need cash and the fee is $127.00 (May be different in Tucson)
  • 4 Copies of the above

This information and much more is on Geoff’s website at Go there for some good information and more tips on moving as well as some good links to other websites about moving. Another bit of good advice Geoff shared is that if you have something in your

vehicle that you think might need to be declared, furniture, appliances, etc., just pull over after going through the border, whether you get the green light or the red light. You will be surprised how accommodating the border representatives are with those who show the respect of voluntarily declaring items they are not sure need to be declared. Not doing this can result in embarrassing and time consuming delays and fines from the duty officers. As for reasons to use a professional mover, Geoff offers three main advantages:

  1. You’ll know exactly what you are going to pay for the move, and if you use the One Time Visa, you’ll also know exactly what you’ll be paying the broker at the border. Thus leaving you free to go down without the hassle of negotiating at the border.
  2. The professional mover is well known to both U.S. and Mexican agents and has D.O.T. authority registration numbers as well as insurance, all required by both U.S. and Mexican authorities.
  3. A professional mover should include pick-up, packing and set up of your furnishings in their quote and fulfill those services completely.

70% of Geoff’s business is moving people from Arizona to Puerto Peñasco, and he has moved families and couples to Kino Bay, Guaymas, and San Carlos, among other locales in Mexico. For more information on US Border Movers, visit or email Geoff at This Blog brought to you by Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales

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