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Outta Town Productions’ Final? Rocky Point Beach Volleyball Tournament November 5 & 6, 2011

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Marks 19th Consecutive Year and Largest Guaranteed Prize Pay Out Ever!

Whether you have ever competed in beach volleyball or not, now is the time for you and three of your friends to clear your calendar for the weekend of November 5th and 6th and register for this years’ Outta Town Productions Beach Volleyball Tournament.

There are three good reasons for doing so this year:

  1.  This year boasts the largest guaranteed prize payout in the 19 year history of this event
  2.  It takes place during the best month of the year on the sandy beaches of the Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resorts, which both have special rates allowing you to stay for three nights and pay for only two; and
  3. Most importantly, this is an historic event because after 19 years it will be the last tournament organized in Rocky Point by Outta Town Productions. Read the details further in this article.

If you have ever participated in one of these events, you are well aware of the well organized fun and friendly competition that awaits you, and, we imagine, you will want to be a part of the last one organized by your friend, and certainly Rocky Point’s friend, Luis Garrido. It is bound to be a blast!

The competition is made up of coed four person teams (at least one team member must be of the opposite gender).  There are three skill levels also. Get the details on the registrations page by clicking the link in the next paragraph.

So, come on, why don’t you call all your friends? Get a team or two together and visit to get registered for the fun events. Then click on RPR reservations on the left side of the Outta Town page to book your reservations at the Sea or the Spa to take advantage of the three nights for the price of two nights special. With the guaranteed $2,000 in prize money, you might just go home with cash in your pocket!

Speaking of money, the proud sponsors of this year’s event are Sonoran Sea Resort, Sonoran Spa Resort and Tequila Peñasco.

For the thousands of Outta Town Productions fans who have participated in the tournaments over the years, we’d like to clarify that the only sad news about this being the last beach volleyball tournament is that it is the last one organized by Luis Garrido and Outta Town Productions, a decision made by Luis himself.

As the owner, over the last 19 years Luis has grown his business into an international athletic and adventure tour company with a full schedule of major national and international events and activities that conflict with the dates of the Rocky Point events. Also, and even more exciting for all the fans of Luis, his own men’s indoor volleyball team is now traveling to large tournaments like the U.S. Nationals and the Huntsman World Games where they won a Silver Medal earlier this month!

His deep feelings for the Rocky Point events became obvious as Luis reminisced, “The first few tournaments I ran in 1992 drew about 12 players. We threw names in a hat and drew them out to form teams. $2 each was the prize pot and the winners got it all. It grew slowly until computers and the internet helped with websites and email.”

Over the years Luis has brought together over 7500 players and their families and friends to our little town by the sea. On three occasions he’s had up to 80 teams competing that drew a thousand or more people to the beach. He has also raised money for local charities during these events.  You get the picture that Luis is and has been a great asset to tourism in Rocky Point as well as to the growth in popularity of volleyball as a sport.

If you know Luis, you also know he is not the type who would just walk away from the many volleyball fans who love these Rocky Point tournaments.  In fact, it wasn’t until the town of Rocky Point created their own volleyball association, Voleibol Peñasco Internacional (VPI), that Luis felt comfortable enough to pass the baton of organization and promotion over to someone else.

About this event, Luis said, “I will hand over the keys to [VPI] during this final OTP tournament. They will take it from here so they can benefit from the perfect beaches and weather, plenty of lodging and local businesses that can help with creative ways to bring new teams, local, Mexican National and from the USA.”

Exposing the depth of his caring philosophy, Luis said, “It is for them to give the local kids an outlet in sports that can be done cheaply but with the focus on exercise, teamwork and social skills. Those kids can grow into better athletes who continue to play through school and the teen years.”

Luis expressed his foresight and confidence in the future of competitive volleyball in Puerto Peñasco and the newly formed VPI when he offered, “If Peñasco can begin courting some of the national teams to come play, then the US teams will come for good competition.  There is no reason the town cannot eventually become a beach volleyball Mecca. This is only the first seed, so it will take time, but they can do it.”

The originators of the VPI will be on hand during this tournament to help set up and learn the ropes of running a tournament. Luis has volunteered to stay on as a consultant to help out and even attend the first few events as well as help promote stateside.

“I’ll even come down to play when I can!” he proffered.

Luis did mention the possibility that he might come down in the cooler months, when his schedule allows, to set up the Rocky Point Challenge Games again.  “That will be a challenge course race on the beach.” he said, “It was tried out once but I had a hard time since it ran at the same time with my [volleyball] tournament. Now I can set up and run it on its own.” He added, “These challenge races are becoming very popular in the States now.”

This final OTP tournament will represent another piece of history for Rocky Point and surely embed Luis Garrido as a legendary figure in the growth of tourism as well as the growth of volleyball in our Mecca by the sea.

What d’ya say we grab our friends and register for this farewell OTP tournament to show our gratitude for the years of dedication and hard work Luis has contributed to Rocky Point!

This blog brought to you by Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales



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