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What Have You Experienced in Rocky Point that You’d Like to Share with Others?

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Did you catch a sea bass that was bigger than your imagination? Did you get closer to a 600 pound dolphin than you ever

dreamed youDSC01439 DSC01712 The Kecks. Champagne to Fish would? Did you taste the most delicious shrimp taco that you’ve ever put into your mouth? Did you start out on one of those “ordinary” evenings with family and/or friends when, before you knew it, you’d experienced a delicious meal, tossed down a couple of Margaritas that you didn’t know could be made so tasty and were dancing the Salsa to a perfect band in a perfect atmosphere as everyone around cheered you on, then walked outside under the stars of a perfect night with the person you knew you were going to be with for the rest of your life? Those are the evenings, the mornings, the days, the sunsets that romantic Rocky Point gives us practically year around. Take one of those experiences and write about it to share with those less fortunate to have had the occasion to visit our wonderland of great times. DSC_0010And, who knows, like we’ve said before, if it was a great adventure for you, it will be enjoyed by many others as well, and you might just find yourself the winner of our travel writing contest called “The Best Job in the World”, where, as a travel writer on a two week assignment you’ll be able to write even more about the romance and adventures to be found in Rocky Point. You’ll be paid $50 a day and provided luxurious ocean front accommodations at the phenomenal Sonoran Sky Resort Condominiums. Go ahead. Write down that great time you had on the beach, on the sea, or on the dance floor. Give us an enticing description of just how it all took place in 1,000 words or less. People will love it. You’ll get it published with a byline, and that could start something truly exciting for you, up to and including a whole new career if you want it! We’re anxious to receive your story! Good luck and good writing. This blog is powered by , Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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