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Steve and Trish McCarty Know What Christmas Is All About—Just Ask the Kids at La Montaña School for Special Needs Children in Puerto Peñasco!

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intbanner_about Most local residents know how much Trish McCarty and her famous rock star husband, Steve McCarty love Puerto Peñasco as do many of their fans who’ve attended a Peñasco Palooza or even a Peñasco Business Expo and Iron Chef Competition where he has entertained. Always sharing a smile, either half of this dynamic couple will praise the virtues and beauty of the people, the beaches, the country, and the genuine hospitality that abounds in our village by the sea. DSC02888

However, many won’t know—until now—the extent to which their love of Puerto Peñasco was expressed by their charity and giving hearts on Tuesday morning, DSC02895 December the 18th, 2012 when over 80 kids at La Montaña School for children with special needs got to experience the joy of Christmas through the gifts for each that were shopped for, purchased, wrapped and sent down by Trish and Steve as the result of their last trip to Rocky Point.

DSC02900 During that trip, while dining at Ramon’s Restaurant at the Sonoran Sea, they noticed the Christmas tree decorated and replete with handmade angels inscribed with the names of children on each. Upon inquiring with Ramon, they learned about the charitable angel program taking place at three participating establishments to provide gifts for the needy children and orphans of three different children’s facilities run by the local DIF charity (see our blog article on this charitable effort at They also learned that the program was going rather slowly due to the lack of traffic through the area this season. DSC07645

Ramon, as he has done for many Christmas’s past, was going to donate and prepare breakfast for all the kids atDSC02917 La Montaña but was worried about how many would actually receive gifts on their last day of school before breaking for the holiday. After their conversation with Ramon, Trish and Steve carefully removed each andDSC07668 every angel from that tree and assured Ramon that the children of La Montaña would have a very merry DSC02888 Christmas, even though the McCarty’s would not be able to come down until the week DSC02885 after the scheduled gift giving due to Steve’s gala concert at Chango’s here on the 29th of December.

As you might expect from one who carved his way into the annals of musical legend through his creativity, hard work and insistence on perfection before releasing such platinum treasures as “Fly Like and Eagle” which Steve worked on for DSC02913 more than two years as a singer, song writer and composer with his good friend Steve Miller as they made history together in The Steve Miller Band, Steve McCarty’s words reflect his true beliefs and are backed by sincere actions. As one of this blog’s very favorite rock stars, you can read all about Steve’s illustrious career and deep commitment to meaningful music in our previous blogs at; or visit his web site at

Same goes for his wife, Patricia McCarty, herself a nationally recognized patron saint in state-of-the-art education for children from all walks of life and founder of the non-profit StarShine Academy which has proven her belief that with the right help all children can learn to reach for the stars.  In just ten DSC02908 years StarShine Academies now flourish in Phoenix, Arizona, Santa Fe, New Mexico and South Sudan, Africa as a result of her philanthropic efforts that are driven by her passion to end the disparity in education caused DSC02938 by the lack of financial ability. If you want to learn more about the amazing accomplishments of Patricia McCarty who was named among the Top 100 Women of DSC02906 Arizona, you are encouraged to visit . You’ll be glad you did.


DSC02955 Both Trish and Steve will want this blog to continue with how much the kids at La Montaña enjoyed their Christmas party and we have thDSC02904 photos to show their smiles, their laughter and their surprise as Santa was able to hand each and every child a gift thanks to a rock star and an educational philanthropist who love our community.

Wow! Do these kids love to dance! With two giant speakers DSC07657 and high energy music “Gangnam Style” to marching music and everything in between with a beat, the kids started dancing shortly after 9:00 AM and didn’t break until Ramon announced that the buffet was open at about 10:00 AM.

While the students were distracted with the music, Ramon and school faculty had unloaded his truck filled with bags and bags of the wrapped and labeled gifts that were brought down Monday afternoon through the donated time of driver David McCarthy by “Head Out to Rocky Point” shuttle service who donated the van, and dropped off at the Sonoran Sea to be loaded into Ramon’s pickup.

Meanwhile Santa Claus (with a very real gray beard and very real belly that “shook DSC03108 like a bowl full of jelly”) handed out candy and smiles to grateful kids in between songs and passed out hugs to anyone who asked.  A short interview with Santa revealed that he has been gracing the La Montaña Christmas parties for about 10 years and says, “All I want for Christmas is to see the smiles on these kids’ faces.” A Vietnam vet with the other name of Allen Sherell, Santa has lived in Rocky Point for 16 years and says you might see him around Christmas time anywhere there are kids who need a smile.

The kids wasted no time getting line for the excellent breakfast prepared by Ramon DSC02896 and his team who served over a hundred meals in record time to grateful children and appreciative adults.

DSC02985After the meal, more music and the traditional Piñata DSC02990 plastering and gang tackling of DSC02986 scattered candy, you could feel the excitement building for what was to come next—Presents! 

La Montaña School is fortunate to have Diana Vega Flores as the Principal for the last two years. Not only does she have 17 years experience teaching special needs children, but she has the skill to see the big picture and to recognize and prioritize the most important needs of a school of this size. In fact, Diana was so DSC07708 eager to accept the challenge presented by La Montaña that she actually commuted from Sonoyta until just recently.  In spite of that 120 mile drive every day, Diana has overcome budget and equipment obstacles and made significant improvements to the school, both physically and organizationally. She has put the school on a path to reach the fundraising goal of 85,000 pesos with which she will receive matching funds totaling another 300,000 pesos that she needs to add a safety perimeter around the school, which could presently be breached in several places.  Her dedication has earned her the support of the Mexican and the American communities in Puerto Peñasco as well as utmost respect from the city and state governments.  DSC03116

Support for La Montaña over the years has come from many good hearted residents who are noted for their devotion to helping needy children, such as Mark and Barb Olszewski, founders of the 10 year old non-profit Adopt-A-Classroom charity organization that provides equipment, furnishings and supplies to 10 schools including La Montaña, and are recognized for their involvement with the Los Rolling Rockies Wheelchair Basketball Team for whom they have garnered money, uniforms and wheelchairs, and for their participation in numerous other charitable causes in our community and for collecting needed items for distribution to children and adults.

Kory Bonini is a local resident and fundraising catalyst who has helped numerous churches, charities and schools including La Montaña and has been a driving force behind the annual San Peregrino Cancer Walk since 2006.  These are just a few of the many localDSC03109 residents who find it in their hearts to help those in need, and we have hundreds more regular visitors who rarely show up empty handed (usually stopping by Mark and Barb’s house to drop off items!).

Trish and Steve McCarty are a large part of this special family of generous givers for whom Rocky Point is so blessed to have as friends.

While the kids danced and played all over, the ubiquitous Tony Ballesteros with his trusty Sony DSLR recorded the glee for all to see, and was especially attentive to catch each child during the “Main Event” as their name was called and they came up to receive their presents and a smile from Santa.  Tony’s gift of capturing just the right expression on the children and adults speak volumes more than we could ever put into words, so take your time and enjoy true happiness personified in the sparkling eyes, dented dimples and upturned smiles of these unique young gifts of God on their very special day, Tuesday December 18, 2012. DSC02993 DSC02995 DSC02996 DSC02998







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And the kids said “Thank You” to Trish and Steve in the best possible way—their way!














“Gracias”from the faculty!                   “Gracias” Trish and Steve from all the La Montaña Children, and Santa, Too!!


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