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Sonoran Spa Pilgrims Give More than Thanks This Thanksgiving

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For the third consecutive year the loosely organized group of volunteers, known affectionately as the Sonoran Spa Pilgrims, made up DSC_0056 of Sonoran Spa beach front resort condominium owners in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico and a few of their friends and family donated resources, food and their personal time to prepare and serve a Thanksgiving day DSC_0062 feast for more than 160 workers at the Sonoran Spa and the Sonoran Sea as well as the employees of Rocky Point DSC_0055 Reservations who handle the rental pools for the two resorts.

The group began three years ago when Tony Ballesteros, resident professional photographer, regular contributor of photos to this Sonoran Resorts blog and one of the first condo buyers at the Sonoran Spa had the idea to cook and serve a Thanksgiving Dinner to the workers at the Spa, mainly to thank them for all the work they do during the year for the owners.

DSC_0068As he told other Sonoran Spa residents they volunteered to help with food, funds andDSC_0078 their time. The first year Tony and about 10 volunteers made up of Sonoran Spa owners and long term renters prepared and served over 60 turkey dinners to the group of very appreciative employees. They even timed the food service to fit into the different shifts among the workers to make sure everyone got to eat.  Feedback from staff and management foretold of the future success of this gesture of gratitude and a tradition was born.DSC_0074

DSC_0117The next year, an invitation was extended to the employeesDSC09471 of the Sonoran Sea next door to the Spa, and to Rocky Point Reservations. The number of folks served nearly tripled as did the number of participating volunteers.  Tony confirms this was when the name “Sonoran Spa Pilgrims” officially stuck for this phenomenal group of totally giving Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea residents, plus a few good friends of some.

DSC_0089 Using what they’ve learned each year to enhance their unanimous Thanksgiving gesture, the Sonoran Spa Pilgrims work as a team to make sure each and every employee gets a good portion of American culture and tradition with all the trimmings.DSC_0069

This year about 25 Pilgrims served over 160 meals using 10 turkeys (brined, no less!), 140 pounds of mashed potatoes smothered in 10 gallons of gravy, about 60 pounds of dressing, 150 rolls, two gallons of cranberry followed by 16 pumpkin and apple pies, plus DSC_0085 hundreds of sodas to wash it all down. Thanksgiving truly lived at the Sonoran Spa on that grateful day!DSC09490

The Pilgrims set up ten tables and with 73 chairs and place settings (there are two shifts).which are arranged right on the polished marble floors in the luxurious  main lobby of the Sonoran Spa, complete with turkey center pieces perched upon table cloths printed with fall colors. With their huge Pilgrim hearts the volunteers served the guests with efficiency DSC_0066 and attention to every detail to show their gratitude to a group of employees who have proven throughout DSC_0083 the year their willingness to go beyond expectations to help create a hassle-free life for the Sonoran Spa and DSC09491 Sonoran Sea owners and residents.





Tony sums it up nicely for all the Sonoran Spa Pilgrims when he says, “Thanksgiving is not just a date to congregate or to partake; it’s a date to celebrate and appreciate.”

…And  you’ve exemplified that credo once again, Pilgrims!

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