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Oc3an View Ministry Is the Conduit for Donors and Doers to Help Grateful Communities in Need

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It’s not unusual for visitors to fall in love with our little slice of paradise by the sea from the moment their toes first nestle into the golden sands of our beaches, or from their first interaction with the genuine friendliness of the local residents.

Puerto Peñasco is blessed by the generous, good-hearted visitors from the U.S. and Canada who have been here enough times to understand that poverty is not a choice of these proud, hardworking people, rather it is part of the economic fabric of a developing country. So they are happy to bring food, clothing and other items to donate each time they visit. Many want to do more but don’t know how to find out more about other needs in the area or how to get their local church or service organization to promote missions to help with outreach programs among Puerto Peñasco communities, churches, ministries and schools.

In case you might be one of those who want to become more involved in helping out in this beloved destination, please read on:

Enter Oc3an View Ministry………………………….

It was just two years ago when Conrado Flores Rodriguez, after devoting four years as a full time volunteer with a local missionary group, found himself being led by God to utilize his love for people and service to take on an amplified role to serve all of God’s people.

Within a month of that glorious day in January of 2015, with the gentle waves of the Sea of Cortez coursing his bare feet as he prayed for guidance and received that life-changing command from his Creator, Conrad opened the doors of the non-profit Oc3an View Ministry with the clearly defined mission to host and provide outreach and service opportunities for large or small mission groups and the equally clear vision to serve as a conduit and facilitation service between those missions and the local churches, community centers, rehab centers, schools, athletic teams, families and other local organizations and ministries serving the needy in Puerto Peñasco. His commitment was and is to develop lifelong relationships with all those local organizations committed to helping the needy while creating loyalty, confidence and repeat visits by hosting the contributing missions who choose to help Puerto Peñasco, no matter the size.

“We are not a church; we are not a specific religion. We are a ministry serving all of God’s children”, explained Conrad.

In addition to the more than a dozen active outreach programs Oc3an View Ministry has developed, the c3 Memorial Scholarship Fund is of special significance to Conrad. Oc3an View Ministry and c3 Memorial Scholarship Fund are in dedication to Conrado Andre Flores III, the late son of Michelle and Conrado Flores. The c3 in Oc3an View Ministry represents Conrad III, born in Lovelock, Nevada on April 22, 1985. He departed to heaven on April 9, 2013.

A donation to the c3 Memorial Scholarship Fund will bless a deserving graduating student to further his or her education. Details for donations are on the web site listed later in this article.

Although he carries the non-profit title of Founder and President, Conrad is a worker, a doer, a visionary who sees the good and the potential in all of God’s people. Conrad is driven by his deep faith and embraces his talents as God’s gifts that prepared him to build the ministry according to God’s plan and perfect timing.

Through his visionary spirit Conrad looked at a dilapidated concrete shell at the entrance to a quaint old beach front hotel and visualized the shell becoming the ministry office and reception center, and the old hotel with new paint and some refurbishment would become the perfect accommodations for visiting missions.

By virtue of his own hard work ethic and the people skills to recruit other volunteers, he miraculously manifested that concrete shell into a comfortable attractive reception center to meet and plan future missions with the many organizers he has befriended with his honest, contagious personality.

Within the first year of Oc3an View Ministry, Conrad had arranged a near perfect partnership with the owner of that iconic old Granada Del Mar Hotel, situated right on the beach in the historic Mirador neighborhood of Puerto Peñasco.

As we outline the rapid growth and successes of Oc3an View Ministry in just two years, it is essential to note that Conrad will hasten to clarify that he takes no credit for the spectacular accomplishments, yet he expected nothing less because he has faith that this is God’s plan and all he has to do is follow God’s guidance every step of the way. These before and after photos of the astounding transformation of the hotel and ministry office tell the whole story.

During the second year, Conrad discovered an odd-shaped lot with
two bare and roofless shacks in the heart of the city and visualized a donation facility and community center, a salon to provide haircuts to the needy and homeless and even an outdoor grill and dining area to feed lunch to the hungry on weekends.

You guessed it. Not only is the donation center a roofed and enclosed reality, but it is well stocked with donations including clothes, building materials, tools and supplies. The salon is now also open with a roof, a new bathroom and the supplies and volunteers who are currently providing the community’s needy with haircuts. The grill now serves free lunches on weekends to the transients who roam the neighborhood from the nearby train tracks and the homeless and needy who come from around the neighborhood. They display the donated clothes in a thrift store fashion and make them available for mere pesos, just enough to give a sense of value to them while instilling a feeling of self-worth in the individuals to whom a couple of pesos might represent half their net worth on any given day. The donation center accepts donations of all types and will even pick them up if you call.

Most of the donations have been given by the more than 20 mission groups and dozens of families and individuals in appreciation for the excellent care and attention by Oc3an View Ministry as their host, arranging every detail of bringing these good hearted missionaries together with grateful local churches, ministries, schools, community centers and families in need of construction projects that have included adding bathrooms, plumbing, roofs, bedroom additions, painting and providing supplies for community outreach programs and many other creative activities such as concerts, special needs learning programs and so many other good deeds. The impact has proven the validity of Oc3an View’s mission, vision and timing for Puerto Peñasco.

The important role that Oc3an View Ministry has created is recognized in the size of the mission groups they have hosted and the fact that many have returned up to three and four times, growing in size each time. And their calendar is already filling up for this year with new mission groups referred by past missions as well as many of the same groups returning with expanded resources to give even more to the community.

Oc3an View Ministry has accomplished so much in its two-year existence, we highly recommend that you visit their well-designed web site at and learn more, including their impressive list of 28 volunteer officers, advisory board members and ministry servants. On the web site you will find a map to both the ministry office and hotel and the donation center.  Also visit their Facebook page by clicking the Facebook icon in the upper left portion of the web site home page. You can call the ministry office from the U.S. or Mexico at: (U.S.): 480-264-1172 or (Mexico) 638-109-8017. Email:

Even though Conrad Flores would never bring this up, his selfless dedication to his faith in God is exemplified by the fact that while he gives 110% to his ministry, he also supports his family entirely through the income from operating his BackStreet Dogs and Tacos cart, which he voluntarily moved from an established location for many years to the donation center property and essentially started over from scratch building a new local clientele. And here’s the clincher that adds even more to the solid credibility of this man of God and his Oc3an View Ministry; he moved his dogs and tacos cart business so he can use it to help serve free lunches to the needy and homeless on weekends before he opens it for business every Wednesday through Saturday from 6:00PM to Midnight.

This gentle, always happy and energetic man, just 53 years young, walks the walk in his faith, his personal life and his dedication and commitment to his ministry, very much aware of the importance his actions have on the youth who look up to him, and how the example he sets can affect their future contribution to the betterment of humanity on God’s earth. Conrad Flores is a person you will be glad you know.

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