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Major Event Weekends in Puerto Peñasco Show Overall Tourism Increases beyond Draw of Each Event; Guest Blogger, Greg Ross Tells Us Why

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Greg Ross, who won our Sonoran Resorts “Best Job in the World” Travel Writing Contest, is a regular Guest Blogger sharing his insights on a variety of subjects with our readers. Today Greg looks at why the numbers show special events draw more than just event attendees.

Take it away, Greg….

Years ago, people discovered Puerto Peñasco was an event destination for more than just sun, sand and margaritas.  Organizers of one DSC_0074-001 club golf tournaments, bath tub races, Hobie races, rock concerts, etc. brought their groups down hoping dozens, hundreds or thousands would follow.  Some succeeded, many didn’t but most always had a good time.

Nowadays it’s impossible to visit sites like, and the many others without seeing something promoted just about every weekend in Peñasco.  Triathlons, mud runs, sand obstacle courses,DSC_0194 motorcycle rallies, horseshoe, OTL and volleyball tournaments are all currently being promoted.  Next month there are tequila, art and culinary festivals all trying to tag those who are on the fence about how to spend their next weekend away from home.  Things quiet down during July and August, but the Fall calendar kicks into high gear following Labor Day with events for every demographic you could possibly imagine.

crowd-shot-300x199The news gets better for Peñasco’s hospitality industry.  The numbers show overall tourism on major event weekends increases way beyond what the events draw.  For example, the Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau reported an 82% occupancy rate last June during Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers’ Circus Mexicus Weekend.  Typically American tourism falls sharply following Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekend.  Clyne’s concert weekend brought over 3000 people to it.  At 82% occupancy, the OCV estimated nearly 11,000 tourists stayed an average of 3 days over the second weekend in June.

Officials conclude that event weekends impact Peñasco way beyond the draw of each event.  Informal discussions lead me to believe that many who have no interest in motorcycles, volleyball or rock n roll pick those event weekends to visit Peñasco because they know others will be there having a good time.  Although tourism numbers have been increasing significantly for 2 years, there was a period many didn’t experience as much as they wanted to when tourism numbers were down.  It’s hard not to enjoy the atmosphere created by people on the beach, in the bars or walking the Malecon.

So there you have it.  Find an event that interests you, make one up if you can’t find something that flips your sombrero or just come down to join other people having a good time.  It’s good for you.

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