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This Couple Has Been Loving Rocky Point For 50 Years!

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In a new series of person to person articles, we are periodically conducting impromptu and informal interviews with our Sonoran Resorts guests who are willing to share a brief glimpse into why they love Rocky Point and for how long they have loved our little town by the sea.  As you will see in our first interview in this series below, the questions are non-invasive and aim to start a conversation rather than a question and answer scenario.

DSC_0006-1 Herewith is a very pleasant conversation with a couple who’ve been coming to Puerto Peñasco for so long they’re part of the history of this harbor town. Duane and Judy Holt started camping on the beaches here in the 60’s.

Duane’s history with Rocky Point goes back even further, to 1949 when he would accompany his uncle to fish the northern sea off Cholla Bay.  Duane vividly recalls the sand-laden “wagon trail” that led from a broken highway 8 to what is now Pelican Point on Cholla Bay.  He is a veritable fountain of priceless stories that chronicle the most rustic of times in our historic sea side destination when people were sparse and myriad variety of fish were aplenty.

Rocky Point has been a big part of Judy and Duane’s lives together for over 50 years as they graduated from tents on the beach to a fifth wheel, to a motor home and eventually when the condominiums began rising from the Sandy Beach, they were among the first to partake in the permanent beach front bliss of the Sonoran Resorts.

They have bought and sold several condominiums in the Sonoran Spa and Princesa, but have maintained their private abode in the Sonoran Sea to this day and plan to keep it that way.  They visit up to four times a year for a week or two even up to a month at a time, spending summers in the Colorado Mountains.

Over the years they’ve developed friendships with many locals in the area. They have their special fish vendor (Jesse), and enjoy tacos and shrimp cocktails at Mary’s; dinners at Mare Blu and breakfast at Xochitl’s in Cholla Bay.

In answer to the question we love to ask everyone, what they love most about Rocky Point, Judy says it’s the climate and the fact that there are no bugs even on the beaches like in most other beach towns they’ve been to.  As for Duane, you might have expected it’s the fishing, but he is also continually amazed at how friendly and helpful the locals are.  “They’ll stop on the side of the road to help you,” says Duane.DSC_0013-1

Well, Duane and Judy, that’s probably because they can see what a nice couple you are, and nice people are always eager to help other nice folks!  Keep blessing us with your smiles!

This Blog brought to you by Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales

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  2. Karen Aldridge says:

    Great article, and it is only one story of “many” out there!  Chuck & I just moved a few months ago from Cottonwood, Arizona to Rocky Point–which we have visited since 1995.  Even in Cottonwood (2 hrs. north of Phoenix), we met “several couples” in their 80’s who have been coming here since they were in their 20’s to camp on the beach.  Once couple even joked that they “finally” bought a boat, so they’d have a restroom for the ladies! 

    We know several people also in their 60’s in that area, who have visited Rocky Point since Day 1 of their lives because “their parents” camped on the beach “before they were born!”  To this day, one couple from Clarkdale, AZ visits every three months! 

    Many Rocky Point Fans of “all ages” are up there even in Northern Arizona!

    Karen & Chuck Aldridge of Cholla Bay

  3. E Donaldson says:

    The city of Rocky Point needs positive advertisement like this article.  Good job!   Hope it gets to all the “newbee’s” consiodering comeing here but are caucious.  We too have lived and worked in this awesome beachfront community for many years without incident.  Ether and Dale @ Santiagos Ocean Services.

  4. Tknwindsor says:

    His friends usually refer to him as P.D.  Nice article, tho.  Hard to believe that’s Rocky Point.  It’s come a long way since I came there and camped on the beach in 1985.