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Peñasco Expats Hold Diaper Drive for Amores de Peñasco Children’s Shelter Again This Year

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Last year’s successful diaper and wipes drive, affectionately labeled as the Tea Party and held at Giuseppi’s Espresso Cafe on Fremont Boulevard in June netted 5896 diapers and 5488 wipes, nearly a year’s supply for the children of the Amores de Peñasco Tea Party and Misc 010 shelter—quite a feat for a first year effort. It was also a testament to the breadth of kindness by the foreign residents and loyal visitors of our little slice of paradise by the sea.

Everyone who attended the Tea Party was asked to bring a package of diapers and/or wipes as a “ticket” to the afternoon affair. Obviously, many brought much more than one package of both items. Some had purchased extra supplies, othersTea Party and Misc 016 (2) had held their own collection drives either locally or in the states to make the event far exceed their expectations.  Read our blog about how it all got started by clicking TeaParty .

This year the now anticipated Tea Party was even more successful, and there was no one more excited or appreciative than the remarkably dedicated volunteer, DSC_0071 Kathleen Duncan (aka “Tia Katy” by every last one of the Amores de Peñasco children whose lives she has so deeply touched) of Arizona’s landmark Duncan Family Farms who has devoted the last 22 months of her time, resources and love to the shelter staff and children; and for whom the generous ladies of Puerto Peñasco have organized the diaper drives.

In fact, her thank you letter (dated Monday July 14, 2014) to the Tea Party organizers and contributors conveys her emotional appreciation best:

diaper event with Scott and Ang 014 (3)

I am feeling incredibly grateful to have had the chance to travel to Penasco this morning to meet a wonderful and incredibly generous couple that were not able to attend the diaper drive that Sandy Spain and Barb Olszewski hosted for the shelter last weekend. Angela and Scott Scriver collected donations from friends and family in the U.S. to buy diapers and wipes during their trip down this week and they ended up collecting over $1,500! Barb, Sandy, Angela, Scott and my newest friend and volunteer Mary Robson and I all gathered for a really fun shopping spree at Sam’s Club this morning to spend that money, A literal mountain of diapers and wipes are all now safely stored in closets throughout my house (sorry Arnott Duncan but you have DSC_0085 now lost your garage and several closets to Friends of ‘Amores de Penasco’ Children’s Crisis Shelter!) Between the diaper drive last weekend and our shopping spree this morning a total of 10,605 diapers and 8,506 wipes were collected! We also purchased a few other items needed at the shelter including baby shampoo, soap and powder, diaper rash ointment, toilet paper and garbage bags. Now that we will not have to use our limited funds on the items that are being donated by so many of you generous people we can now begin focusing on providing much needed activities and services for the kids at the shelter. We have a teacher coming in to tutor the kids all summer and last week I arranged for our kids to have swimming lessons from a local instructor. They start swim classes tomorrow and most of these kids have never had the chance to swim in a pool before and they are SO excited (and so am I!) I have attached a photo of our shopping spree this morning and, by the way, the cashier did ask how many Grandchildren I have!

I continue to be encouraged and humbled by the generosity of so many and am confident that, poco a poco, we will be able to begin to impact the lives of these kids:)

Gracias y Hasta Luego!!!

Tia Katy

If you were moved  by Kathleen’s compassion in this letter you may want to read more of what she has accomplished since getting DSC_0139-001 involved with the shelter, including her “Big Five Wish List”. Just click here: TiaKaty. It’s a challenge just keeping up with Kathleen’s extraordinary ability to bring her ideas—her dreams, really—to fruition.

She has a talent for identifying what is needed both short and long term to operate the shelter as well as what is necessary to fill the emotional needs of the kids and prepare them for the opportunity when it comes to experience the joy and security of a loving family environment—an experience most of these neglected and abused children have never known.

The swim classes were as successful for the kids as Kathleen had predicted. Tia DSC_0122-001 Katy had brought them all new bathing suits and they were so excited the night before as they tried them on that they begged to sleep in them all night! After their lessons, Rick Nichols of The Satisfied Frog  brought hot dogs and DSC_0137 chips, drinks and popsicles to complete their fantasy afternoon.

Through her diligence, the professional community is learning more about Friends of Amores de Peñasco and Tia Katy’s devotion to shaping the future of her shelter kids.  Just recently she picked up tickets for each of the children to attend a free dental clinic hosted by a small group of conscientious local dentists. As the word spreads, thanks to her many friends, like the inimitable ladies who organize the annual diaper drive, offers to assist will continue to present themselves.

Anyone and everyone can help in so many different ways, especially with her “Big Five Wish List”. There are drop off points all around Rocky Point: At each of the Sonoran Resorts properties (Spa, Sea, Sun or Sky resorts) along Sandy Beach,  at the office of Rocky Point Times, the gate to Las Conchas, or the Lighthouse Restaurant. You can also email for more information.

Nothing spurs on the generous expats and loyal visitors of this community more than when they hear the battle cry, “It’s all about the children!”

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