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Fun In The Sun Abounds In Rocky Point—On The Beach Or In The Sea!

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Activities for the Whole Family Beckon Enjoyment Just Outside Your Door

What is really neat and convenient at the Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resorts is that you can access all the most popular water sports and activities you and the kids might want to indulge in right on the beach just steps from your one, two or three bedroom beach front suite.

Here are the activities always available to enjoy, complete with updated prices to help you organize and best benefit from your experience at one of our relaxing facilities:








Banana Boat Ride

Besides splashing and swimming around one of the clear fresh water pools, you and the kids can enjoy a bucking banana boat ride for just $5.00 each.  This has got to be the most excitement for the money anywhere on the planet.










Catamaran Sailing

If being thrown into the sea from a fast-moving, wake-smashing inflatable torpedo is not your idea of fun in the sun, there are options to reward your sanity.  Try a ride on one of the 16 foot catamarans piloted by Rodolfo Valdez, a seaman’s seaman and Mazatlán Freestyle Champion who will take you anywhere you like—across the bay to the old port and harbor, around Sandy Mountain to Pelican Point and Cholla Bay or straight out to sea in search of frolicking dolphins.  His rates are the best on Sandy Beach at $40.00 U.S. Dollars per hour for up to 4 passengers.








Drive a Jet Ski

For you sea-faring DIYers, why not take command of a Jet Ski and tool around the peaceful sea in search of dolphins or other more daring adventures like crashing into and over the wakes of other fellow Jet Ski commandos. You can rent them at the beach for $30.00 U.S. Dollars per half hour or $50.00 Dollars per hour and they hold two people comfortably.









Choose a single or go as a couple in a double seater and take in a sunset or sunrise from off shore. It’s beautiful, romantic, and spiritual, all in one. You can rent them right in the lobby of the Sonoran Sea Resort from Erica Reyna in the Dive Shop and they will be delivered to you on the beach. Single kayaks are U.S. $8 per hour if you’re staying at a Sonoran Resort or $12 if you are not. Doubles are $14 and $20 (guest /non-guest) per hour. Half day rentals are the best deal at $14 for a single and $25 for a double kayak. Non-guests will pay $22 and $35 respectively for single or double kayaks.

Going Down?

While at Erica’s Dive Shop in the Sonoran Sea lobby, check on snorkel and scuba lessons and tours. She is PADI qualified and can set you up for either.  If you are PADI qualified you can rent everything you need to go down into the Sea that Jacques Cousteau himself called “The Aquarium of the World”. 









Massage on the Beach

Now, if you just don’t want anything to do with any semblance of “activity” on or off the beach, there is always Yolanda and her very inviting massage table set up on the sand a few paces from the steps of the pool deck at the Sea who will work you into a trance of tranquility for just $20.00 U.S. per half hour.

This blog brought to you by Sonoran Resort Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales

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