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Bacanora Grill Stays True to the Taste of Sonoran Traditional Cuisine

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When good friends get together for a brainstorming session, something good usually results.  With the objective of diversifyingbacanora grill some of their investments, four local business leaders recently put their heads together, pooled their talents, expertise and resources to develop a unique dining experience in Puerto Peñasco.  The four brains involved belong to Martín bacanoragrill9 Martínez of Terranova Properties, which include two restaurants; Eddie Wharez of fine furniture and interior design fame;  Carmen Martens of Sushi Sun Japanese Restaurant fame, and Jorge Bonillas, professor at Cetmar Center for Technological Studies of the Sea. The finished product is Bacanora Grill.

In addition to being the first and only restaurant in Puerto Peñasco to specialize bacanora_menu_1 final final exclusively in cuisine and ingredients for which Sonora is known, the entire menu is based on recipes from Martín’s Mom, a native Sonoran just like her son as well as two of the other three partners. Eddie Wharez hails from Puerto Vallarta (but he got here as soon as he could!) Most all the items on the Bacanora menu are from her suggestions and everything is homemade.  Even the original salsas are made of ingredients grown in Sonora.bacanora_menu_2 final final

bacanoragrill4 As you may know, the state of Sonora is known for the quality of its beef—from nearby Caborca, and you may also know that Bacanora, the smooth and smokey-flavored tequila-like liquor, is made from 100% pure Pacifica agave, grown exclusively in Sonora. What you may not know is that the chiltepín (aka chile tepín), one of the most flavorful of all the chiles, is grown mostly in Sonora and  used more in traditional Sonoran dishes than any other regional recipes. Machaca is a dried beef process that is bacanoragrill6 used almost exclusively in Sonora, and the cheese from Trincheras is bacanora_bar final final used to make the traditional Sonoran Caldo de Queso that you’ll find on the menu at Bacanora Grill.

The partners started talking about this idea back in November of 2013 and as soon as they decided on a restaurant, Martín offered his conveniently located Terramar Restaurant for the venture. They opened for businebacanora_dulce final finalss on April 11th. If you’ve ever been on a sunset cruise, you’ve probably parked at or near the location. It’s right across the street from the ramp that leads down to the EcoFun and other sunset cruise
and fishing vessels.molcajete bacanora
The partners arbacanoragrill3e excited about the plans they have for the near future of their restaurant. Plans include a weekend buffet, entertainment by authentic Sonoran folklore dancers, cooking presentations by a well known author of cook books on preparing Sonoran dishes, exhibitions by a Bacanora chef from the Bacanora Council and they are looking forward to opening a small store to offer original Sonoran ingredients used to make the homemade dishes on their menu.

If you’ve never had a margarita made with Bacanora, you are in for a pleasant treat because of its unique smokey flavor that invites another sip, and another.  They have several sauces made with Bacanora that show off the dexterity of this relatively unknown liquor.  Another “must” for your sense of taste is their one-of-a-kind chiltepín and apple salsa which you may find, like we did, is one of the neatest experiences you’ve ever given your taste buds.

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Bacanora Grill is open from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily. For more information or to let Martín, who is serving as the Operating Manager, know that you’re planning to have a meal at Bacanora Grill, you can email him at or call his local cell at 638-380-5496.  More than one of your five senses will thank you for the experience!

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