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12th Rocky Point Bike Rally Brings Camaraderie to Thousands of All Ages

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DSC_0127After the “Mother of all Street Parties” on 13th Street Friday night, it would be normal to ask, “How can you top that?” Well, that rhetorical question was being answered quite clearly by a little after noon on Saturday where thousands of bikes, bikers, lookers and lurkers merged upon the welcoming watering holes that lace the main drag of Rocky Point’s Malecon for a day of continued partying,  parading and parking of creatively customized two, three and four wheel rods with their proud pilots hoisting a toast to the beauty of machines—and some of their passengers—as they pass by, some clearing an area among the shoulder to shoulder crowd to burn a perfect circle of rubber midst a waft of smoke rising two stories past more thousands of gleeful onlookers from the balconies of bars above.

As difficult as it is to describe without photos the atmosphere of this, the largest event of the year for our otherwise quiet little slice of paradise, it is effortless to show and tell the tale of how friendliness flows through our annual Bikers Rally with a few hundred photographs.

Thus, keeping with a yet young tradition of the Sonoran Resorts Blog, we bring you visual proof of the color, the fun, the frolic of fans, a fantastic foray into the creatively manifested machines, the unique minds behind them, and the mutual admiration of the art that keeps a throng of thousands even-tempered and fun loving through nearly three days and over 18 events that no one wants to miss.  We’ve given you the pictorial low down from Friday night in our previous blog at in case you missed it.

Below is our final edition of images depicting a party so hardy it’s a good thing you can’t break the Fun Meter!

Here are some nice bikes that led off the annual parade that started earlier this year to accommodate the DSC_0011 DSC_0014 DSC_0013 DSC_0004 DSC_0015 DSC_0012 preferences of the bikers to be at the Malecon for the entire day and avoid having to leave for the parade which traditionally had taken place later in the day. The parade began from its traditional starting point in front of the Black Dog Bar and Grill, Sports Book and Casino on Fremont Street




DSC_0002 The “Tiger” Bike of owner, Oscar Palacio (also owner of the Playa BonitaDSC_0233 Hotel among others) is this blogger’s favorite two wheel custom bike. Here Oscar and the Tiger get ready to lead the parade through its circuitous route to the Malecon.





DSC_0027 The Damiano’s  and their beautifully painted bike are from Saguarita, Arizona and regulars at the Sonoran Spa.  Between Rallies they visit familyDSC_0018 here in Rocky Point several times a year.






After the parade departed we moved smartly to the Malecon which was already in full swing even before the parade participants DSC_0312 DSC_0152 arrived. That was a good thing because when they did arrive, there were several thousand spectators cheering them through the Malecon to fill up the Plaza with a color-filled spectacle of motorcycles.



Once again our good friends, the Kings, from Mexicali showed up with leader Checko’s Awesome Three Wheel DSC_0063 DSC_0069DSC_0066

Buggy, this year with new chrome and added ghost flames and skulls to the already artful paint job, which just brings out the coloring to the max on this show stopper. This year was even more special because we learned that DSC_0282 part of the Kings are family to our own Alberto, owner and captain of “About Time” fishing and sunset cruise charter. He brought his little miniature bike for the amusement of all!












Now for a potpourri of people and bikes by a beautiful sea!







The action was heavy on the venue balconies like here at the Mexico Beach Bum, the Malecon’s newest restaurant and bar—comfortably elegant on the inside, great views from the outside.





Yep. That is a rawhide horse head on the front of that bike!





The Boo Bar, a Malecon staple, whose patrons were the main source of beads raining down upon the appropriately clad (or partially unclad) ladies á la Mardi Gras. 



Uh Oh, looks like someone is about to collect some beads!









Amy Krueger and Friends





Here’s a smart bunch of friends!  Amy Krueger and her friends staying at the Sonoran Sea and


Jon Harvey Group



The Jon Harvey group staying at the Sonoran Spa.





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You just knew Santa would be at the Rally, right? 


























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