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Sonoran Resorts Commemorate 10 Years as a Positive Force in Puerto Peñasco Development

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Looking back at 2001 when three prominent families, two Mexican and one American, formed the unique and strategic partnership known as Sonoran Resorts Partnership, a destiny of success was clear. The bi-cultural aspect of the partnership was going to be their biggest asset. They knew it—and proved it in their first 22 months upon completion of the Sonoran Spa Condominium Resort with 202 luxury units  which were sold out by the time the last touches were laid upon the carefully planned common areas on Sandy Beach.

The partners gave credit for this feat to the advantages of a bi-cultural partnership that gave them the ability to move swiftly through bureaucratic and legal processes to obtain permits, documents and other details as required on both sides of the border. In addition, such a relationship provided a unique understanding of the potential buyer markets of two nations which vastly increased the odds for success in their sales efforts.

The Sonoran Sea, with 208 units, was the group’s second project, completed well within schedule in 2004, with most units sold prior to and during construction and the balance sold shortly thereafter. One of the objectives of the company was to learn from each project and figure out how to implement improvements into the next project without a significant increase in construction costs. Thus, the Sonoran Sea benefited from lessons learned during the Spa project and included numerous improvements, both subtle and obvious. Not the least of those improvements was its position closer to the beach with improved common recreation areas.

[threecol_one]To insure continued growth, leadership and improvement to keep pace with the market boom that was spiraling skyward at an unrelenting pace in 2004, Sonoran Resorts Partners were able to lure into their ranks the young prodigy, Ingeniero Fernando X. Anaya, CEO of Marina Ixtapa, the mega tourist community development by industry giant, Situr.
[/threecol_one] [threecol_one][/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]As Director General (CEO) of Sonoran Resorts Partners, Mr. Anaya implemented his aggressive and creative style of organization, management and financial acumen to reach landmark records in the launch, completion and sales of the next two projects: The Sun and The Sky.[/threecol_one_last]



He further improved the common areas at the Sun with a concave design that actually placed the center units even closer to the beach. He completed the project within budget in almost half the time it took to complete the former projects. The first tower of the Sun was sold out in a record three hours from the time it was placed on the market. Two months later, the second tower completely sold out in only four hours.

2007 marked the completion of the Group’s last resort, the 136 unit Sky, designed by Anaya and built under his command in 15 months on 100 meters of beach front. His design emphasized even more attention to common areas creating a multi-level indoor-outdoor recreation facility consisting of three pools, an aqua bar, separate restaurant and bar, gym, kids play area, convention center and underground parking; and still kept the concept of true beach front as in the other three projects.

The first unit of the Sky was delivered in Nov of 2007 and set another record with sales of $32 million in condominium units in three hours, a phenomenal feat considering this was during the downward spiral of the U.S. economy which has persisted to this day.

In their 10th year, Sonoran Resorts have continued to handle the economic downturn which has expanded beyond their primary market of Arizona in the U.S. to the entire country and the world. In spite of the woes affecting most developers in the Rocky Point area, Sonoran Resorts have persisted in building trust among their owners and board.

The Sonoran Resorts Sales, headed by Director of Sales, Jim Ringquist, work in concert with owners who need to sell their second home investments with extraordinary success. Through creatively assembled packaging and aggressive marketing action the Sonoran Resorts Sales surpassed all the other projects on Sandy Beach in sales last year and has widened the gap with their lead so far this year.

Anaya and Ringquist are determined to sell the remaining 14 developer owned condominiums at the Sky without dropping the sales price so much as offering an enhanced purchase package using the financing power and flexibility of the Partnership. “This speaks highly of the quality and strength of the product that Sonoran Resorts have worked so hard to create and maintain,” says Fernando Anaya.

Mr. Anaya’s financial management during these tough times has enabled the resorts to be maintained at their highest level and remain attractive products for those investors capable of taking advantage of the market. Mr. Anaya takes pride in affirming that the Sonoran Resorts remain the strongest developer along the beach, with plans and the wherewithal to continue expanding their presence in Puerto Peñasco and elsewhere, like San Carlos, as soon as the economy shows signs of recovering, an event he is quite positive about happening sooner than later.

[twocol_one]When asked what he would say to potential visitors, Mr. Anaya spoke with enthusiasm and without hesitation, “I will emphasize three points:

[1] “If you have never visited Rocky Point, please take the word of those who have, and know that you will receive service that you would not expect, from friendly people who appreciate you for visiting,

[2] “Of course, also think of the investment opportunity here, which could not be better, and

[3] “Our city is Safe, Nice and Beautiful for you to enjoy”[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]



We say, “Happy 10th Anniversary Sonoran Resorts!  We appreciate your continued support of Puerto Peñasco!”

This blog brought to you by Sonoran Resorts Sales, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales

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