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Luxury Villa Photography Expresses the Dream of Luxury Villas around the World

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19512356_24wq_fknt_gmp9_12dh_m0ma_qpnoOne only has to visit the home page of Luxury Villa Photography’s web site to see, indeed, even feel the dramatic, impactful imagery that Christopher Bowden, a highly sought after architectural and interior design photographer, is able to bring out of an already luxurious villa setting.  His wife, Rhea, is no small part of what makes those images so professional either.

19480438 Living Area Scottsdale HomeRhea arranges the scene for Christopher to photograph with props that might include anything from a crystal decanter and goblet set on a drink cart to a breakfast tray on a four-poster rose-laden bed, or a flickering candle-studded bath scene.  She will also insure every detail within the frame of the photograph is perfectly set…no creases, no cushions even a millimeter out of place, logs laid out perfectly in the fireplace with flames the exact height to enhance the lighting ambience  for the photograph.

19471253_t81uMeanwhile Christopher sets up his cadre of Hollywood style lighting and choice of cameras to capture the vision he has for each shot. Just like us mortals, Christopher takes many shots of the same subject, from the same angle, even some with the same exposure. The difference is when we do that it is because we want to make sure one comes out good enough to send home to Mom or our friends. When Christopher does it, he knows that each shot will contribute to the finished product when he does his magic on Photoshop.

This amazing and creative couple comes to us from the Los Angeles market via Los Cabos, where they were married seven years ago in their vacation villa and where they lived for four years after deciding to make this enchanting and colorful country their home.  They spent three nearly one year stints working on photography projects in Cancun and a one year project in Puerto Vallarta. They have called Puerto Peñasco their home for the past year, even though photography assignments have kept them travelling quite a bit.

Rhea, an accomplished photographer in her own right, captures the surrounding scenery that adds a travel flavor to compliment the luxury villa portfolio. Rhea also builds photo portfolios for models and brochures for businesses, creating the entire business marketing package.

19473219_rdad_hddwLuxury Villa Photography has regular assignments to photograph luxury villas and resorts in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, San Felipe, Loreto-Mulegé, Manzanillo, Playa del Carmen-Cancun to name a few.  Since Chris is still sought for projects in the U.S. as well, they also spend time in Arizona, California, Las Vegas and other parts of the Southwest, in addition to repeat requests for Jamaica, The Bahamas and Hawaii. Additionally, in the states they provide the photography for Home and Garden TV, and other popular real estate TV shows.

You might be wondering, with all that traveling, when and how you could catch them to arrange an appointment to photograph your beachfront villa, your condominium or your business—especially after looking at the photos on their web site ( ).  Well, as we mentioned before, Chris and Rhea are calling Puerto Peñasco their home, and they would love to establish a stable clientele right here in our town to cut back on their intense travel schedule and complex equipment logistics (how about eight trunks of carefully packed Hollywood lighting and cameras alone!). breakfastinbed (2)

They also understand the local economic situation in Rocky Point and are willing to work within the budgets of agents and owners as best they can. This is an admirable attitude for professionals of their caliber and well worth looking into further.

jimrinquist1You can catch them in town from now until the 8th of December when they will leave for an assignment of several days in Arizona.  Just give LVP a call at 638-382-5086. Or you can email them no matter where they are at .



This blog brought to you by Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales

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1 Comment

  1. Dhomeyer says:

    A nice article.  Christopher is very talented.  He makes an ordinaty condo look spectacular.