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Announcing the Sonoran Resorts First Annual “Why I Love Rocky Point” Photo Contest– Details Coming In January!

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Look for all the details on this exciting contest to be published early in January, but we can reveal a couple of secrets right now to our loyal subscribers of the Sonoran Resorts Blog—just to get your adrenaline going early!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, if you can prove that age-old adage is correct, you could win Big Cash Prizes and More!

All you have to do is submit the photo that best says “Why I love Rocky Point” and you could win a cash prize for 1st Place, and participate in cash or other prizes even if you don’t come in 1st.  Everyone will be invited to vote for their favorite photo whether they enter the contest or not.DSC_0205-1

Like we said, all the details will be out in January but we’re telling you what we know for sure already.

So, start going through your collection of Rocky Point photos to find that one brilliant shot you took during any trip to this beachside Mecca—the one you think tells “Why I Love Rocky Point” in the most beautiful, unique way.

If you’re planning to visit Rocky Point in the next couple of months, even better yet!  You’ll have a mission (read: great excuse) to take hundreds of shots this time.

Be sure to look for the contest terms and conditions and all the other exciting details early in January right here in our blog!

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1 Comment

  1. Jtorlinsky says:

    You might have to accept a photo montage since there ae so many reasons to love “Rocky Point”!