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Rotary International

Utah District 5420 Rotarians Put Service Above Self During First Ever Conference in Puerto Peñasco

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This year from June 8-13, for the first time in Utah Rotary District 5420 history, their annual conference was held not only outside Utah, but outside the U.S. Puerto Peñasco was the appreciative beneficiary of a phenomenal amount of Rotary services, donations, and presentations of valuable and needed equipment and funds during the conference…

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Rotary International Youth Clubs of Utah and Families Helping Families Work Together to Build Homes for Rocky Point Families

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A group of about 100 generous and dedicated youth from the Utah District of Rotary International Interact and Rotaract Youth Clubs arrived in our little slice of paradise by the sea to build a home for a deserving mother and her three children. And that they did! As it has been for the last four years, this was a joint effort of the American Nonprofit Corporation, Families Helping Families Mexico, Inc, their Mexican Nonprofit, Casas Perpetuales Parker, AC and Rotary International…

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Puerto Peñasco Rotary Club Will Rise Again

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On Tuesday June 26th seven local residents met at the Hacienda Restaurant in the Plaza Inn to discuss the re-formation of a Rotary Club in Puerto Peñasco. It was the San Luis Club that sponsored the original Rocky Point Rotary Club back in 1978. It was disbanded about five years ago, but the three tenured San Luis Rotarians with obvious experience is such matters were visibly enthusiastic about assisting the resurrection of a new club.

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Families Helping Families and 180 Youth from Utah Rotary Club Build Three Homes—In Four Days!

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Families Helping Families and 180 Youth from Utah Rotary Club Build Three Homes—In Four Days! The first summer 20 kids raised enough money to pay for their trip and donate towards the expense of building a home. The second year the number of young service-oriented Rotarians totaled 70 motivated participants. By this year, the third year of the program, through mostly word of mouth among the youth organizations the number of youngsters more than doubled to 180, plus group leaders, chaperones and parents for a total of 240 people.

The group, ranging in age from 13 to 20, arrived on Sunday the 10th of June and on Monday went to the site that consisted only of stacks of block, bags of concrete, tools and three concrete foundations. Ralph and Jared had previously contracted to have the supplies and foundations ready for the group so they could begin immediately on the miraculous job of completing three 1,000 square foot homes, including the roofs, window and interior framing by the following Thursday— that’s four days!.

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