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Puerto Peñasco Dreaming

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  Beautiful sunsets bountifully bless Puerto Penasco from across the solemn Sea of Cortez, sometimes red as fire, sometimes as golden as a wedding ring, yet others flashed in pink, orange and blue like a Carnaval Queen Float, still some reflect from the heavens in a blast of colors as kaleidoscopic as a masquerade ball. […]

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Rocky Point is Fortunate to Have an Active Visitor Assistance Office—Even More Fortunate to Have Rosie Glover running it.

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Puerto Peñasco is lucky to have a conduit for our visitors to lean on, call upon, or stop by to learn more about how to enhance their fun and knowledge while visiting our stunning seaside sanctuary.

Since it opened in September of 2009, the Tourism and Visitor Assistance Office (TVA) has come a long way from an empty space on the second floor of the blue building just past the Santander Bank on Benito Juarez. The building is owned by Manny Sanchez and also houses his popular Tequila Factory, the only place in the state of Sonora with a permit to offer samples of tequila to the public.

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Helping Hands Abound from the American Community in Rocky Point

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Edgar and Alma, originally from the Douglas, Arizona, area along with Ron and Carol Okinga, originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico, host a pancake breakfast for all the neighborhood kids who want to show up. Ron and Carol bring a portable grill and set it up out back of the little one room chapel, still with dirt floor, and the kids come. Sometimes up to 60 of them. Alma was entertaining the kids inside by teaching them Sunday school songs which they eagerly and gleefully sang at the tops of their little voices. All in anticipation of lining up outside in orderly fashion to be handed their plate of pancakes and cup of orange juice–ladies first, of course.

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