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Pinata Factory

Utah District 5420 Rotarians Put Service Above Self During First Ever Conference in Puerto Peñasco

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This year from June 8-13, for the first time in Utah Rotary District 5420 history, their annual conference was held not only outside Utah, but outside the U.S. Puerto Peñasco was the appreciative beneficiary of a phenomenal amount of Rotary services, donations, and presentations of valuable and needed equipment and funds during the conference…

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A Non-Profit Piñata Factory in Puerto Peñasco!

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The Piñata has a deep historic meaning and actually dates back over 700 years to Asia-where they invented paper—when Marco Polo discovered them being used for celebrations with bright colors and elaborate decorations.

By the time they arrived in Spain, the Catholics had figured out how to use the design and the game of bursting the Piñata as a method of religious conversion. Piñatas were made with seven pointed, brightly colored cones around a clay center representing the seven deadly sins…

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