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Have a Hankerin’ fer One o’ Them Great Big Juicy Hamburgers Bustlin’ with All Kinds of Extras and Then Some? That Would Have to Be an Erick Burger.

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On the north side of 13th Street between Luis Encinas and Benito Juarez is Erick Burger. You’ll recognize it by the creative bar stools that are real western saddles mounted on thick springs so’s you can rock back and forth if the mood hits you, but strong enough that you won’t rock too far back and forth and get bucked off…

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First Generation Grecian Offers Authentic Greek Gyros and Baklava in Rocky Point

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In Chicago, Louie met Kim; they married and moved to the Phoenix area in 1977. An avid fisherman, Louie discovered Rocky Point in the early 80’s, bought a house and a boat and he and Kim came down several times a year to fish and enjoy the beach and peaceful lifestyle of Rocky Point until moving here permanently at the first of this year with plans to open an authentic Gyro restaurant.

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