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Brothers Pizza

Brother’s Pizza Now Under New Management—By Carlos and Michelle Hopkins of CS Supply!

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We’ve written about Brother’s Pizza and CS Supply. Now we get to write about both of them together as Carlos and Michelle Hopkins of CS Supply have taken over the management of Brother’s Pizza. They were the perfect couple to take on this endeavor since they sold most of the equipment to build the kitchen and bar in the beginning. So, it was only natural that when Bob Rabicoff found out he had to relocate to a different climate for health reasons, he and wife, Penny approached…

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Brothers Pizza in Puerto Peñasco Equals Handmade Hand-Tossed Dough, Fresh Veggies, Finest Cheeses, Family Owned and Operated

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Talking to Penny Rabicoff who, along with her husband Bob and sons Dan and Reid, opened Brothers Pizza four years ago, it takes but a moment to see clearly that service and quality are paramount with this establishment. Brothers Pizza is the super clean place on the corner of Constitucion and No Reelección here in Puerto Peñasco. If you live or visit anywhere around the Sandy Beach area then you’ve surely driven by Brothers

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