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LET’S GO TO ROCKY POINT by Guest Blogger Jack Hecker

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This is a Primer for those newbies who are driving to Rocky Point from Phoenix or Tucson for the first time. To me, the trip to Rocky Point is a delight. That isn’t necessarily because of the scenery, but because of what I am about to encounter. The trip home from Rocky Point, not so much.
What am I about to encounter is, first and foremost, the Sea of Cortez with its beautiful beaches and the

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Facts about the Sonoran Desert that Might Surprise You!

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The Sonoran Desert takes up over 100,000 square miles and covers parts of two states and two countries: the southern parts of Arizona and California in the United States and large parts of the states of Sonora, Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur in Mexico. You’ve probably read that the Sonoran Desert is one of the most wildly diverse deserts in the world, but it is also one of the most ecologically balanced deserts in the world.

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